Needle-Free Flu Shots Now Available!



ABO 2016 – 2017 PharmaJet/Seqirus Order FormAFLURIA® Influenza Vaccine FDA Approved for use with PharmaJet’s Needle-Free Injector*

The PharmaJet Needle-Free Injector is the first jet injector that is FDA approved for delivery of an influenza vaccine. A comprehensive clinical trial demonstrated that needle-free flu vaccine delivery is comparable to administration using a needle and syringe for adults aged 18-64. For more information on the clinical study, read “Clinical Study Published in The Lancet supports Flu Shots administered with PharmaJet’s Needle-Free Injector.”

Benefits of a Needle-Free Flu Shot

Needle-Free flu shots are safe, fast, and most patients choose them. Because there is no needle involved in the PharmaJet Needle-Free flu shot, there is reduced risk of needle stick injury, cross-contamination or needle re-use.

More Benefits of Needle-Free Flu Shots Include:

  • Safe
    • Protects the patient and provider
    • Eliminates needle stick injuries
    • Reduces sharps management and disposal costs
  • FAST
    • Delivers the vaccine into the muscle in about 1/10 of a second
    • Most providers are self-trained in 20 minutes.

It’s fast and easy to learn —Watch the workflow video that compares the PharmaJet process to that of the traditional needle and syringe model

  • Comfortable
    • Provides a more comfortable experience for those that fear needles; drives traffic into pharmacy or medical office

Why are Needle-Free Flu Shots Important?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends annual flu shots for all adults, however, immunization rates have hovered around 40 percent for the past five years.1 The US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has established a Healthy People 2020 campaign that includes the goal of 70 percent flu immunization compliance by the year 2020.2 A significant percentage of people forego vaccinations because of an aversion to needle injections.3 PharmaJet’s needle-free flu vaccine delivery can contribute to meeting the influenza immunization goals of the CDC and HHS.

Needle-Free Flu Shot Applications

The PharmaJet Needle-Free Injector delivers 0.5mL injections to the intramuscular tissue depth. The PharmaJet syringe filling is compatible with standard multi-dose vials of AFLURIA.

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